About the exhibition

BODY WORLDS – VITAL, which opens in Poznań on 24th of October 2017, shows how the body works when it is healthy and explores how best to fight life-threatening diseases. It allows visitors to explore human anatomy, physiology and health through a series of full body plastinates, individual organs and transparent body slices that give a complete picture of how the human body works.  Healthy and diseased organs are shown alongside each other allowing visitors to see how lifestyle choices may affect the body, such as how smoking affects the lungs.

Dr. Angelina Whalley, Curator and Designer of the BODY WORLDS exhibitions, said:  “I am struck by the synergy, symmetry and poetry of having the trailblazing science of plastination that unveils the keenly intelligent human body. Our mission is to engage visitors and ignite an interest in the life sciences.”

Highlights of the exhibition include an acrobatic figure „Titanic Couple“ which is a reminiscent of the famous scene from the Titanic movie and „The Wave Roller“ with his dynamic pose and ease of balance, he glides his steel wheel elegantly down the waterfall.

Created by Dr Gunther von Hagens, BODY WORLDS is the culmination of the German scientist and physician’s more than 40-year career in anatomy.  BODY WORLDS exhibitions are based on an established body donation programme.  To date, more than 16,000 donors around the world have bequeathed their bodies to Dr von Hagens’ Institute for Plastination after death.

All bodies displayed in BODY WORLDS – VITAL have been donated to be used for scientific purposes and to increase public awareness of the complexity of the human body.  Donors who so generously willed their bodies for the purpose of Plastination – to educate the public about anatomy and physiology – take centre stage in this unprecedented homage to humanity.

The Institute for Plastination has a donor roster of over 16,000 individuals that includes over 13,500 Europeans and 2,500 Americans.  From the beginning, the donors were excited about the ground-breaking technique of Plastination and recognised that they were going to be part of something unprecedented.  They wanted to make the education of future generations their enduring legacy.  With the wish that their bodies be used for educational purposes, the donors have given their permission for their bodies to be displayed to the public after their death.